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January 23, 2014

Gear Review: Acoustibuds EPB

I’ve tried several different ear buds while running (Yurbuds, Acoustibuds original, regular apple iphone ear buds) and I’m always looking for a pair that stays secure the entire run. Regular flat faced ear buds rarely stay in my ears and the hard plastic is uncomfortable. I’ve been relieved to find solutions to the flat faced ear buds like Acoustibuds, which are made to fit over flat faced ear buds.

Last month I received the newest Acoustibuds model, AcoustibudsEPB. They’re made of silicon and fit over Apple EarPods and select Bluetooth devices. They come in multiple sizes, fit comfortably, and decrease outside noise. The main difference between the Acoustibuds EPB and the originals is that the EPB are made to fit all the latest Apple EarPods sold with version 5 Apple products and also fit easily under helmets. 

I was impressed by how easily the Acoustibuds EPB fit in my ears and I could barely feel them. The sound quality was great and I felt very isolated from outside noise. Even when I accidentally hit my earbud wires during my runs the Acoustibuds didn't fall out.  


  • Comfortable + Flexible
  • Stay in without needing to be adjusted
  • Come in multiple sizes
  • Don’t fall out when earphone wires are yanked
  • Great, clear sound
  • Affordable 


  • Need to have Apple EarPods or flat faced ear buds

Check out Acoustibuds here:

January 16, 2014

Trail Running Around Denver

Today's guest post comes from Leslie Bogar, author of Deciphering TeensLeslie has been involved in education for over twenty years at the middle school, high school and college levels.  She lives in the Colorado front range and is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast.

If you love trail running, you can find plenty of great trails in and around the Denver area. Make sure you come prepared to hit the dirt running.

My husband and I made the switch from running on cement to traversing trails a few years ago and we haven't looked back. Trails offer many benefits so it’s easy to see why their popularity is gaining. We made the change because of back and knee issues, but immediately found the serenity and beauty to be our number one reason for seeking out new trails and staying with our favorites. If you live in the Denver area, or are visiting, you should check out the trails maintained through Open Space Parks.

Mount Falcon
Mount Falcon Park is a part of Jefferson County's Open Space Park system and is located above Morrison, Colorado just to the west of Denver. Head out of Denver on US 285 and turn right at the Indian Hills exit. Follow Parmalee Gulch road for about five miles and before turning right onto Picutis Road. Follow the signs to the park.
Mount Falcon offers multiple trails from single track to wide and flat with forested scenery or open meadows. The park was purchased by Jefferson County in 1974. It’s history includes ownership by one of Denver's most ambitious tycoons, John Brisben Walker. During the early 1900’s Walker built a mansion atop Mount Falcon which had spectacular views of the eastern plains. It was his dream home, but due to a direct hit by  lightning, it burned to the ground in 1918 just two years after his wife's death. You can still walk through the stone walls that remain atop as homage to his grand dreams.