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October 8, 2012

Running Strength: Bodyweight Workout

One of the best ways to prevent running injuries is strength training and even if you don't join a gym there are plenty of body-weight exercises you can do. Just a quick 30 minutes of strength work can be hugely beneficial to your running.

Wall Sits

Wall Sits 2x60 seconds hold

With your back and head against the wall bring your knees to a 90 degree angle and hold for 60 seconds. Wall sits are an isometric strength exercise and a great way to strengthen the quads and gluts. Hopefully your floor isn't as slippery as these tatami mats. My feet kept slipping forward; it added a whole new challenge to my wall sits.

Suspended Side Plank 

Suspended Side Plank 2x60 seconds

Make sure your body is in a straight line before lifting onto your hand and the side of your feet. Squeeze your abs and gluts while holding this isometric pose. The side plank will strengthen your shoulders, obliques and gluts.

Straight leg single leg deadlift

Single leg deadlifts 2x10

Standing on one leg with a slight bend in the knee, hinge forward at the hips and bring your torso as far forward as you can. This is a great exercise for increasing hamstring, glut and ankle strength. 

What are your favorite body-weight exercises?


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